The Saunders Brothers:
The Doghouse Sessions.
Liner Notes


Owen Saunders plays fiddle with David Davis and the Warrior River Boys. Davis had been wanting to get Owen and his long-bow, bluesy fiddle in his band since he and the Gillis Brothers, whom Owen went on the road with when he was 16, cut a Ray Davis basement tape in Baltimore together, but first Owen put in his time with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and the James King Band. Balder Saunders is the co-founder of Dread Clampitt, a reggae-bluegrass fusion band. To me, they're as straight-ahead as David Grisman's dawg music. The Dog House Sessions were cut out in the woods in a studio that used a gas generator for power. Mixing the tape, the engineer started to lose tracks, so Owen and Balder went with what they had. Don't look at it as the vocals being too low. Bring the vocals up and the background is not too loud. Potter Brown wrote "Wewa Wiggle," Lowell Brown wrote "Pick My Way Out of Jail," David "Jug" Brown wrote "Lord, Let These Chest Pains Be Heartburn" and the alternate lyrics to "Nellie." A family effort. Gerald Brown suggested "Jump, Mullet, Jump," a traditional seine-fishing tune, but all he knew was the first line, and he didn't know the melody, which Owen and Balder made up. Seine fishing was outlawed by the net ban. Balder played mandolin (right-handed) with a group called Net Ban'd. Right after he got out of the Marine Band, where he played trumpet. And shot Expert on the M-16. Once Uncle Ed jumped out of the Friendship on a stingaree so big it drug him under. They had to hold Uncle Ed and fight the stingaree at the same time, while trying to wrench them apart. He was dug in pretty good.

Order from Owen Saunders, 200 Buckner Hollow Rd., Newport, TN 37822. $10

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