You havenít mentioned Crowbar.

David Crowbar Nestle.Now Susan Crowbar Poe.






I read with her and John M. Bennett at Ann Arbor.

She published Forty.We met at Schmooze II,

at the stately Crowbar manor in Jackson, Michigan.

We visited The Cascades.She published Popular Reality.

She had a correspondence with Bob Black.I think she wrote a book

as Bob Black, or Blaster Al wrote it, and I wrote the preface

as Blaster Al Ackerman.Confusion to the enemy.Ed Ball.

I called Ed Ball Frank Murphy in Screed.It was so long ago.

A scene on the diving tower at Wakulla Springs reminiscent of

Frederic March and Robert Wagner in The Condemned of Altona,

a movie of a play by Jean-Paul Sartre.Sophia Loren and

Maximilian Schell drinking champers and taking bennies

in the attic in a Nazi hat.




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